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Vietnam Water Initiative

Vietnam Water Initiative

Universal access to safe and clean water and sanitation are at the core of sustainable development.

Australia has a long-standing engagement with the Government of Vietnam in the rural water supply sector.  We are committed to assisting Vietnam reach Goal 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which aims to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Recognising that the private sector is a primary driver of economic growth and poverty reduction, the iXc is supporting the NGO East Meets West Foundation (EMW) to deliver innovative approaches that will develop the Vietnamese private sector in rural water supply. EMW will be partnering with the Australian Water Association to pilot new innovative technology.

The innovations will cover both technological solutions and processes to support private sector development, and include:

  • A web-based tool to help communities manage human health risks from water quality

  • New piped water connections to 3,000 households implemented by private enterprises, with at least half of the beneficiaries being women and girls.

  • Optimizing existing investments through competitive bidding of current private operators in Ha Nam province to extend services to about 2,000 households, priority given to projects serving the poor in the remote areas.

  • Higher incomes through increased employment opportunities in private enterprises for women and men

  • Regulatory reforms (specifically tariff policy reform) enacted that support private sector investments in rural water supply