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Strengthening supply chain management systems for essential medical supplies in the Pacific and Timor Leste

The Problem

Equipping rural health facilities across the Pacific with adequate life-saving medical supplies is an incredibly complex challenge.

Pacific leaders in healthcare have moved to adopt digital technology and have made good progress to improve availability.

But these new supply chain management systems are capable of doing a lot more.

Our Solution

We are investing an initial $2 million in a collaboration with software providers mSupply and their partners Beyond Essential Systems to transform the availability of medical supply information in up to six participating partner countries in the Pacific region.

Our investment will supply participating partner governments with an easy to use digital dashboard showing real time essential medical information. Health planners and other key decision makers within local health systems will know where their medical supplies are stored even in the lowest levels of the system.

Front line nurse and pharmaceutical staff will be able to place and track their orders digitally helping to further enhance availability in the areas where supplies are needed most.

These additional capabilities will allow local health care systems to respond efficiently and effectively in times of major disease outbreak, natural disaster or other mass casualty events.

The aim of this investment is to support participating Pacific Island Countries improve supply of good quality essential medical supplies to help reduce avoidable deaths.