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The quality and quantity of the world’s food supply is changing – and so is the way that people eat. The result is malnutrition and poor health in communities across the world. Deep divisions in global food equity exacerbate this burden for poor and vulnerable populations.

Our Solution: LAUNCH Food

To help improve health and nutrition outcomes, Australia has partnered with LAUNCH and USAID Global Development Labs to help create a new paradigm for food around the world.

Through LAUNCH Food  we seek to discover, support and scale innovations that will improve health outcomes by enabling people to make healthy food choices.

How you can help!

LAUNCH Food is calling for supply- or demand side innovations that will ultimately impact people’s food choices, whether in the home, market, street, restaurant or community. 
We will support and accelerate a portfolio of solutions that address availability of and access to affordable, nutritious, desirable and sustainable food, and solutions that promote people’s selection and consumption of more nutritious food.

If you are an innovator, entrepreneur, or intrapreneur working on solutions to address these questions, apply now to join LAUNCH Food, and experience the benefit of a whole network of advisers and influencers motivated to help you succeed. The Launch Food Challenge closes on December 7, 2016.

For more information visit the LAUNCH Food website 
Or to join our network contact: