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Blue Economy Challenge Winners

Blue Economy Challenge Winners

The $3m Blue Economy Challenge has uncovered 10 innovations with potential to transform aqauculture.

Australia's $3m Blue Economy Aquaculture Challenge has uncovered 10 innovations that have potential to transform aquaculture practices. We received over 200 innovative ideas, with our top 10 winners announced at the World Wildlife Fund headqauters in Washington D.C. on 16 September, 2016. The Award Winners will use the prize money to further develop and implement their solutions and innovations.

Aquaculture has great potential to contribute to food security, nutrition, livelihoods and economic growth. But if the industry’s growth is at the expense of ocean health and conservation, then developing countries will not harvest long term social and economic benefits. The challenge called for innovators, entrepreneurs, designers, NGOs and academics to rethink advances in aquaculture to provide solutions that ensure both sustainable development and environmental sustainability.

If you are interested in following the journey of our winners please visit the challenge website to find out more and join the conversation at #BlueRevolution

Background research commissioned by innovationXchange on the Blue Economy can be viewed here.