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The Innovation Resource Facility


The aid landscape is rapidly changing with non-ODECD bilateral donors and non-traditional capital flows rapidly increasing. The digital revolution creates unprecedented opportunities for the world’s poor. 


The innovationXchange has established an Innovation Resource Facility (IRF) to provide Australian Aid with efficient access to high quality technical advisory services to bring fresh thinking and new approaches to the design and delivery aid and development. 

The IRF has also been designed to provide access, more broadly, to non-aid related innovation skills to enhance DFAT and other Commonwealth Government Department’s innovation capabilities.  

If you are a Government officer keen to access the Innovation Resource Facility please click here

Technical support offerings include:

  1. A help desk to provide rapid response advice on an innovation-related query.

  2. The identification, management and deployment of targeted advisory support (short or long term) eg human centred design specialists to support program design or a policy challenge of a development partner.

  3. Technical solutions in response to almost any technical or complex problem space.

The IRF has been designed to be flexible so it can respond to changing needs over time. A non-exhaustive list of IRF practice areas include:

Who can use the facility?

Anyone in DFAT or Australian Government Department can use the facility.

How does it work?

You simply enter your request into the online IRF portal.

Further info

Please contact:  for aid related IRF queries and  for all non-aid related IRF queries.