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We believe that innovation – finding new ways to solve problems –
holds the key to progress and success in our world.

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#LAUNCH Food is now open!

LAUNCH Food is calling for innovators, entrepreneurs, organisations, and individuals from around the world to put forward innovative solutions for improving global health outcomes by enabling people to make healthy food choices.

For more information on how to join the challenge, visit the LAUNCH Food website. Call for applications close on Decemeber 7, 2016.


Current Updates

Up until recently, asking someone about blockchain would likely have yielded you an answer about bitcoin-- if that someone knew anything about blockchain at ...

A call for innovative solutions to help save lives in emergencies. DFAT is investing in new and innovative humanitarian emergency relief supplies to help save......

Current Projects

The quality and quantity of the world’s food supply is changing – and so is the way that people eat....

Hamutuk’s goal: To reduce the prevalence of stunting in children under two years of age by 10% in target sites in Timor Leste....

Australia's $3m Blue Economy Aquaculture Challenge has uncovered 10 innovations that have potential to tr...

The DFAT Technology Against Poverty Prize is a $500,000 grant provided by innovationXchange as part of the 2016 Google Impact Challenge....


Welcome to our new space

InnovationXchange’s physical space has been designed to facilitate and encourage a more collaborative approach to our work. DFAT staff and external collaborators will have access to our collaboration platform and our open working environment.

About Our Space